Presentation at the 15th International Congress “Public Policy for Addiction Care”, 4-6 December 2013 Cancún, Mexico: Drug use and prisons: Examples of implementation of the Swiss 4 pillars drug policy

Poltava, Ukraine, 20. November 2013, “Prevention of HIV and other socially dangerous diseases among persons registered with the Criminal and Executive Inspection of Ukraine: experience of cooperation with non-governmental organization and further development outlook in the context of Probationary Service establishment”. The workshop was organised by International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine, UNODC, State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine and “Svitlo Nadiyi” (“Light of Hope”).

International Conference on transcultural drug work, Moscow, 3. October 2013
Organised by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the National Research Centre on Addictions and the Pompidou Group, Council of Europe

Résultats de l'étude sur le tabagisme en milieu carcéral (Suisse) lors de la
2e Conférence nationale sur la prévention du tabagisme
, 10-11 novembre 2011, Bern.